2022 or 2023 Weekly Dated Stickers

SKU: 7121


For your choice of 2022, Jul 2022 - Jun 2023 (Aus Fin Year), or 2023, an entire year of weekly stickers for your planner. The week starts on Monday.

• No of stickers: One sheet of 54 stickers, one for each week, and a header sticker for the time period.
• Sticker Size: 3.8cm wide x 0.8cm tall, that's about 1.5" x 0.3"
Colours: Select a colour combination or a sheet of one colour.
• Sheet size Large 14cm x 20cm, which is a little under A5 size
• Sticker material: Premium removable matte vinyl
• Stickers can be removed or repositioned on most papers for up to 12 months

KHDStickers uses premium removable matte vinyl, or for stickers that you can write on, a choice of removable vinyl or a permanent silky smooth paper.

Vinyl stickers can be removed or repositioned on most papers for up to 12 months, and come in our 3 colourways and indivual colours. Permanent Markers are the prefered pen.

Paper, where offered, is permanent. You can use almost any pen with paper stickers.

For over 8 years, KHDStickers make a wide variety of planner stickers that may be used with most planners and dot journals. They are printed in our small studio workshop in the Camden district of NSW Australia.